Cemeteries and Schools


(a) Cemeteries

Local authorities administer most of the cemeteries in the Southland region, although several of the smaller cemeteries are adminstered by trusts.  The 3 local authorities and their general locations are displayed on the map at right.

  1. Gore District Council - 29 Civic Avenue, PO Box 8, Gore 9740.  Phone 03-209 0330 Fax 03-209 0357.  

    Website: www.goredc.govt.nz   Email: info@goredc.govt.nz
  2. The District Council is responsible for the following cemeteries : Gore Main; Otaraia; Charlton Park; Mataura and Pukerau. Waikaia Cemetery is managed by a Trust. The Council's website www.goredc.govt.nz/cemeteries/  contains a searchable database for these cemeteries, many of which include photographs of individual monumental works.

  3. Invercargill City Council (Parks Division) Private Bag 90104, Invercargill 9840. Website:  www.icc.govt.nz
  4. Administers several cemeteries. Office on-site in the Eastern Cemetery, located at the corner of Rockdale and East Roads.  Contact : The Cemetery Attendant. Ph./Fax 03-217 8362 (see under Services/Cemeteries). Email:  cemeteries@icc.govt.nz
    The Council maintains database for Invercargill Cemeteries (from early 1860's) - Eastern Cemetery, St Johns Cemetery (Waikiwi), Bluff Cemetery, Greenpoint Cemetery and the Southland Crematorium.

  5. Southland District Council 15 Forth Street, PO Box 903, Invercargill 9840.  Phone 0800 732 732 Fax 0800 732 329.  
    Website: www.southlanddc.govt.nz Email: emailsdc@southlanddc.govt.nz
  6. Cemeteries in the Southland District are either looked after by Council, or by a Trust, or in the case of a few small burial grounds, by different groups. There are 64 cemeteries or grave sites in Southland, 21 of which are managed by Council. Council holds duplicate copies of all known cemetery records, and originals from Council administered cemeteries. Other cemetery information held by Council includes all known information on historic burial sites, some "lonely graves" on private land; closed or disused cemeteries, such as at Clifden, Horseshoe Bay, Tararua Acre and Mokoreta; and Maori burial grounds and miscellaneous information discovered on Council files or made available by genealogists and members of the public.

    The Council maintains a Cemetery Database of cemeteries in the Southland District area (but excludes Invercargill City and Gore District Cemeteries).  The cemetery database is now available online on the Southland District Council website: www.southlanddc.govt.nz/cemeteries/. Contact their Knowledge Management Department for further information.

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    (b) Schools

    Over the years, Southland Branch volunteers have transcribed and indexed school APWs (Admissions, Progressions and Withdrawals) from most of the Southland and a few Otago school registers. These have been included in the Society's Kiwi Index v1 CD, issued in 2012.

    school The list of schools so indexed can be viewed by downloading a file in PDF format which lists about 145 Southland schools and the approximate dates of the registers indexed. You can download a copy of the list of schools indexed by the Southland Branch by clicking the little school icon at left.

    The Branch will do look-ups if provided with a written request (in exchange for a small donation). Be aware that in some cases privacy issues may restrict the detail that is able to be provided.

    Enquiries should be addressed to the Branch Postal Address:

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    Updated 29/07/2018