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(a) Newsletters

The Southland Branch has had a chequered time with its newsletter issues, with several periods of bursts of activity by enthusiastic editors punctuated by similar bursts of inactivity when compiler/editors were not forthcoming, as can be seen in the table below. Past editors have included Guy Harris (1995-98), Geoff Amos (1998-2001), Mrs Pat Turnbull (2001/02), Roger Washbourn (2003-10), and currently Wendy Shaw (2013~present).   The name of the newsletter (Branch Lines) was adopted after a naming competition amongst members in 1999; the winning effort came from Evelyn Jones. Issue number 20 was the first to display the new name.

There is, unfortunately, a paucity of electronic versions of all but those listed below. The Branch holds a file in its Resources Room containing print copies of many of the earlier editions. Formats have varied over the years, from foolscap, to A4, then A5 during the Geoff Amos era. The format returned to A4 in 2002 and has remained that way since.

You can download a copy of the most recent newsletter (Number 89, of February 2021) by clicking here.

Past issues are outlined in the table following, where the month of issue and the BL number are bracketed. Click on the appropriate cell to download that issue. Important: You may need to press your 'Back' button on the toolbar to return to this page after downloading and reading.

Feb. 2001/BL29 April 2001/BL30 June 2001/BL31 Aug. 2001/BL32 Oct. 2001/BL33
Feb. 2002/BL34 April 2002/BL35 June 2002/BL36 Sept. 2002/BL37 March 2003/BL38 Sept. 2003/BL39
Sept. 2004/BL40 Jan. 2007/BL41 Sept. 2007/BL42 Sept. 2009/BL43 June 2010/BL44
Feb. 2013/BL45 Aug. 2013/BL46 April 2014/BL47 Aug. 2014/BL48 Octr. 2014/BL49 Dec. 2014/BL50
Feb. 2015/BL51 April 2015/BL52 June 2015/BL53 Aug. 2015/BL54 Oct. 2015/BL55 Dec. 2015/BL56
Mar. 2016/BL57 April 2016/BL58 June 2016/BL59 Aug. 2016/BL60 Oct/Nov. 2016/BL61
Jan. 2017/BL62 April 2017/BL63 June 2017/BL64 June 2017/BL65 Aug/Sept 2017/BL66 Oct/Nov 2017/BL67 Dec.2017/BL68
Feb.2018/BL69 April 2018/BL70 June 2018/BL71 June 2018/BL72SP Aug/Sept 2018/BL73 Oct/Nov. 2018/BL74 Dec. 2018/BL75
Feb.2019/BL76 April 2019/BL77 June 2019/BL78 Aug/Sept 2019/BL79 August 2019/BL80 Oct/Nov.2019/BL81 Dec. 2019/BL82
Feb.2020/BL83 Apr.2020/BL84 June 2020/BL85 Aug/Sept 2020/BL86 Oct/Nov.2020/BL87 Dec. 2020/BL88
Feb. 2021/BL89

Issues 43 and 44 of Branch Lines reported on the activities around the time of the Branch's 40th anniversary in 2009, and contain many items of historical interest, including details of the inaugural meeting, early members, Branch office-bearers, Life Members, and the anniversary dinner.
Issue 80 is a special 50th Anniversary number which reports on the anniversary dinner on 9 August 2019.


(b) Miscellaneous Archives

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