Forthcoming Events and Notices

There are no special events planned by the branch until after mid-year. The next committee meeting is set for Thursday 13 September 2018.
The branch committee has reconsidered a change in the meeting days and times for the winter months (June-July-August) only - see note below.

announcerBranch meeting changes - June, July and August 2018.

The branch committee has confirmed changes to the days and times for three winter-month meetings, from the third-Wednesday evenings to the third-Saturday afternoons for June-August, starting at 1.30pm. These are held during normal opening hours of the Public Library. Despite some seeming significant advantages for members [use of the library carpark; lift availability for access to the first floor; and opportunities to make more effective use of the branch's resource rooms], the response in 2017 was disappointing; however the committee feels it is worth repeating the changes for 2018.

FHMFamily History Week : 6~10 August 2018

August each year is Family History Month, and a number of special events are planned nationally to celebrate family history, to encourage families to share their stories with all family members and encourage new members to join this rapidly growing hobby.
This year the Southland Branch, in conjunction with the Invercargill Public Library, is to again hold a series of 5 lunchtime seminars between 12.15 and 1pm. Entry is free. The venue will be the Meeting Room on the 1st floor of the Invercargill Public Library. A list of the presentations is shown following.

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50 logoUpcoming: Southland Branch's 50th Anniversary : 2019

2019 is the 50th anniversary year of the Southland Branch, which initially began in May 1969 as the Invercargill Genealogists Club. Following approval by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, the club was accepted as an official branch. The first meeting of the new branch (the 5th branch to be affiliated to the new Society) was held on 19 November 1969.
The branch committee will be planning a series of events to mark the occasion which will be noticed on this page in due course. Meantime, see the 'Newsletters and Archives' page for some historical records.


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Updated 9/08/2018.